How to Approach Leadership Transitions in Ministry

Transitions can be tricky to navigate. Unforeseen complications and obstacles inevitably arise. I’ve never seen this more clearly than during my transition from the pastorate to full-time evangelism. What I learned taught me how to pray for people contemplating a move in vocational ministry. There’s no better manual for leadership […]

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Hashtag Hell: The Southern Baptist Convention and Dr. Paige Patterson

Dr. Paige Patterson is living in hashtag hell. You know, a barrage of public comments and opinions without full knowledge of the people or events involved. The nature of social media quickly spirals into a modern-day public stoning. People choose a side, then choose words to hurl like digital stones. […]

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Accountability in an Age of Accusation

My previous article dealt with the prevalence of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault accusations in our culture. Some of these claims carry clear evidence of behavior that demands justice –  either some kind of professional penalty or criminal prosecution. Many of these allegations, however, lack clear and compelling evidence. As […]

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Accusation Culture

Every week there seems to be a new occurrence of a celebrity, politician, or public figure being accused of some kind of sexual misconduct. Any form of unwanted sexual communication or contact is wrong; whether it’s sexting, sexual innuendo, sexual harassment, or rape. Some of these actions are criminal and […]

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