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What’s Coming from BKM

Our desire at BKM is to use every means possible to reach the lost with the Gospel and to encourage believers in their faith. That’s why we’ve worked to increase our social media presence with solid content and to build a strong multi-media ministry. Still, our staff is working on […]

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Lately I’ve been struck by the number of hyphenated-Christians emerging in the American Church. We hear the various religious views of Baptist or Presbyterian-Christians, Republican or Democrat-Christians, White or African-American Christians, and Male or Female-Christians. The most recent is LBTG-Christians. What? I guess that makes me a white-male-heterosexual-Southern Baptist-Christian. In […]

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Why I Do What I Do

I’m often asked, “Why did you leave a great church and ministry to go into evangelism?” What I hear is, “Are you crazy?” And I get it. Many perceive full-time evangelism as a dying profession. For instance, Southern Baptists currently have fewer than 100 vocational evangelists, whereas 25 years ago […]

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When You Give to BKM…

First of all, thank you for entrusting Bucky Kennedy Ministries with your financial support. We pledge to use your resources wisely and responsibly in the work of this ministry. Your generosity to BKM allows us to: Go anywhere. As a faith-based ministry we desire to see God work in any […]

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Overflow with Gratitude All Year

Last week, retailers rushed to replace Halloween candy and costumes with Christmas decorations. I noticed in one store that anything related to Thanksgiving was relegated to the end of a single aisle. Looking at the pitiful display, it seemed they were simply meeting an obligation to acknowledge the holiday. But […]

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