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Road Report

The best way to describe my life right now is, “On the road again!” I know that many of you are praying for me as I travel, which means that you share in all that God’s doing through BKM. So here are a few things that you’ve taken part in […]

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The Strategy of the Gospel

Being an evangelist gives me the opportunity to talk with pastors each and every week. These conversations confirm what market research also reveals – the vast majority of evangelical churches struggle in the area of evangelism. How’s that for irony? On January 29th and 30th I attended the Reach 2018 […]

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Gracious Giving

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas giving season, there will be no shortage of opportunities to support worthy causes, charities, and organizations. No other time of year puts as many demands on our time and our wallets. We start November with good intentions to pack a shoebox for a […]

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